How to cook healthier dishes for your family


Eating meals as a family provides limitless benefits. Not only does it help boost your children’s grades but also helps encourage healthy eating habits in your kids. Furthermore, it provides an effective means of relieving stress in parents because you won’t need to worry that your kid is eating junk food or is still out with other people when they should be home already and enjoying a nice meal with the family.

When everyone’s got a schedule of their own, it can be difficult to sit down to a family meal with everyone on the table. There will also be the matter of making sure the food is packed with flavor and the much-needed nutrients while keeping everyone happy. How can you ensure that only healthy dishes are enjoyed by the family during meal times?


Just make small changes at the start

You won’t need to make a major overhaul of your cooking all at once to make meals really enjoyable for everyone. Start with just small ones. This may come in the form of adding one or two healthy recipes added to your weekly rotation.

For family members who are not quite into the healthy-eating bug, it can help if you refrain from tagging new dishes as being part of healthy eating. At the end of the day, what really matters is good taste more than anything else. There are limitless ways to cook healthy and delicious dishes.

A healthy side dish during every meal could be an effective start. You could serve up grilled asparagus or some fresh strawberries with the usual cheeseburger. All it takes is a little planning on what would taste good with which. This brings us to the second thing you could also do.


Get everyone involved in the meal planning process

When doing your weekly meal planning, get everyone involved, whether in the shopping or cooking. Ask your children what they want from the supermarket if you can’t take them along when shopping. This enables you to discuss what goes on the shopping list to satisfy everyone.

Do the same during the cooking. It can get tedious to be slaving away in the kitchen alone during meal preparation times so let your kids help out with the process. You can have your children wash the ingredients before you chop the items up. Or you can also have them pick fresh herbs from their stems. It pays to cook as a family.

Getting your children involved in the shopping and cooking will help them realize that their input matters so they can become eager participants in the entire meal preparation process.


Try out new recipes whenever you can

A bit of online search can yield some fun recipes you can try out in the kitchen. You might even remake old recipes using healthier alternatives. You could try having cuisine nights dedicated to a specific theme, such as Mexican, Italian, or Caribbean recipes.

This can give limitless opportunities for experimentation and exploration. You might even test out your own recipes that you have created on your own and see if they merit repetition.

Take note of which recipes are a hit with your children and then cook them on a rotating basis.