My tips for keeping your yard nice and clean

A clean yard adds aesthetic value to any property. However, maintaining it entails more than simply keeping lawn equipment out of the way, picking up errant toys and other odds and ends and eliminating rubbish. Basically these are the things I do:


I remove unwanted debris and segregate them.


de1Unnecessary twigs, branches, rocks, twigs, along with waste and other debris should be removed. I segregate the debris into two heaps, those that can be composted and those that can’t be. Compostable items are those I can put confidently into the compost pit, and they include branches, twigs and tree fruits on the ground. Non compostables include metal, plastic and other non-biodegradable objects. I do daily checking for animal waste and dispose of it in a small, separate bin to reduce odors in my yard and segregate the material from the usual household trash.


I handle unwanted growths and debris accordingly.


de2I pull the weeds in my yard by hand. If they’re the stubborn type, I use an all-purpose herbicide on them. I use a yard rake to sweep the compostable materials such as weeds and leaves into a heap. I dispose of non-compostable materials properly. I handle the compostables in a compost pile. I use herbicides according to the manufacturer’s instructions, applying them on a clear day when the temperature is between 50 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. I reapply the herbicide after ten days when rain comes on the day I first used the chemical and when I don’t notice any perceptible results. I also do not mow my lawn on the three days leading to and after herbicide application.


I do the mowing according to the type of grass in my yard.



The yard in our property has Kentucky bluegrass, a type of cool season grass in the same category as perennial ryegrass and fine fescue. I only mow the grass to 2 ½ to 3 inches during the spring and fall, and to 3 ½ inches during the summer. Warm season grasses such as Bermudagrass and zoysiagrass can be cut to a height of 1 to 2 inches, while St. Augustinegrass can be cut to 2 to 3 inches short. I mow the grass frequently enough so I can cut it to just a third of its total length every time.


I water my yard once or twice a week or when I notice the top two inches of the soil getting dry.


I water my yard to a 6- to 8-inch soil depth. When it rains, I won’t need to do the watering by hand. I use a garden hose to do the manual watering.

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