Why I like to wash my car at home


There are several reasons why I like to wash my car at home, starting with it helps to save money. Even an automatic car wash at a gas station can be expensive. There are also several coin operated car washes in my neighborhood, but I never seem to have enough quarters to fully rinse all of the soap away. By the time I am done digging around for change to feed the machine, the soap has already dried on my car. This I know is not good for the paint, since it has already caused mine to fade.

Another problem with coin operated and automatic car washes is that the rough clothes and rotating brushes can scratch the paint. It is also not uncommon for the brushes to cause other damage to a vehicle. Then there is still the issue with the occasional long lines, which always seem to occur on sunny days.  While I love driving around in a clean and shiny vehicle , the last thing that I want to do is to spend the entire day sitting in a long line at the car wash.


When I wash my car at home I am in complete control, and I simple love that. I get to choose the type of soap that is best for my vehicle, and won’t fade the paint. I also don’t have to dig around for extra quarters if I need to use more to get rid of stubborn dirt and mud. I am positive that the towels I use to dry my car are soft and clean so scratches are never an issue. I also never have to wait in line when I wash my vehicle in my driveway.

The best part of washing my car at home is that I find it rather relaxing. There is not a lot of thought involved in the process, even if I decide to apply a finishing wax. I can listen to my favorite songs or just enjoy the quiet of the neighborhood, and I’ve also found that when I’m washing my car I have plenty of time to think. I can let my mind wander or concentrate on a problem, and by the time I have my car dried I have usually come up with a solution that will actually work. I’ve also noticed that no one really bothers you when you are washing your car so I finally have  some quiet time to myself.



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